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Xe 4/4 I motors

YOU NEED THE "The 1990s Abe 4/4I Electric Motors" TOO FOR THE SOUND.

Contents of the Package

The set contains a total of four motors, representing works cars used on the Bernina Pass route in the timeframe of ca. 1960 until today:
- Motor 9920: Xe 4/4 9920 with its unique car body that made it look like a freight motor. Its two principal tasks were a) to be used as helper “locomotive” on heavy trains and b) to provide tractive power for the steam and electrically operated rotaries in the winter time.

- Motor 9921: Until being scrapped in 1972, the remnants of No 9921 served yard crews as office and shelter.

- Motor 9922: Works motor 9922 is currently serving the maintenance department in charge of maintaining the overhead wires along the line. Painted bright yellow now, Xe 4/4 9922 is usually based in Poschiavo, but can be met anywhere along the route where masts or cables are in need of attention.

- Motor 9923: This car is one of two identical works cars rebuild from passenger motors 36 and 37 in the 1990s. Painted in orange, these two cars serve track gangs as mobile shops and shelters.

Author: Sjoerd Lafeber and Lukas Lusser
Size: 11.5 MB