RhB for MSTS


Freighcar: Tankers

This package contains two types of tankcars: two diesel tankers (serials RhB 8101 & up), and six oil tankers (serials RhB 8121 & up). Please note also that the classification of tankcars has recently changed to “Za” from “Uace” (diesel tankers) and “Uah” (oil tankers). This package contains cars with old and new classifications, to represent different eras.

Diesel tankers:
•  RhB Uace 8101. Grey, RhB lettering, clean
•  RhB Za 8107. Grey, RhB lettering, weathered

Oil tankers:
•  RhB Uah 8124. Grey, emblem, weathered
•  RhB Uah 8128. Silver/black, old logo, weathered
•  RhB Uah 8130. Grey, emblem, weathered, Karl Storz Brennstoffe (fuel broker)
•  RhB Za 8121. Grey, RhB lettering, weathered
•  RhB Za 8143. Grey, RhB lettering, clean
•  RhB Za 8147. Grey, RhB lettering, clean, sticker “Heizen mit Öl” (Heat with Oil)

Author: Sjoerd Lafeber and Lukas Lusser.
Size: 7.78 MB