RhB for MSTS


RhB G 3/4 No 1 & No 11

This Packed contains:
- engine G 3/4 Nr. 1 "Rhaetia"
- engine G 3/4 Nr. 11 "Heidi"

all for metre trace
A series of easy steamers was made for the "Schweizer Lokomotiv- und Maschinenfabrik" (SLM) with the axis consequence 1'C from 1889 to 1908. The altogether 16 copies are insignificantly different in different measurements, however. For the opening of the country fourth Davos train the first 5 machines were delivered. At first you could prove themselves, too, however, there was problem with the growing transport tasks particularly on the gradient empires route Cloister-Davos. The next engines Nr.6 - 8 and 9 - 14 were therefore improved 8. The stocks were also increased. You nevertheless became increasingly tasks used for easier, there were two Mallet engines meanwhile which were considerably more powerful. With the electrification of the way the little engines got dispensable and among other things got to Luxembourg, sold to Spain and Brazil.
Data after "wanted" poster of club 1889 for engine no. 11 " Heidi "

Author: Fritz Linke
Size: 32.4 MB