RhB for MSTS


1960s AB2 and B2 Cars

The set contains a total of seven passenger and one baggage car, representing the liveries worn by the type in the timeframe from 1953 until ca. 1975:
- AB2 1411, 1415 and 1418: Single-truck carriages with 1st & 2nd Class seating. No. 1411 represents the latest version of the type as it looked after receiving new steel sheeting on its wooden body, along with modernised, rounded windows. The other two cars still feature the original edged windows (minus the brass bar in front of them), with No. 1415 in all green colors, No. 1418 in the green and cream test livery RhB applied to a part of its fleet in the early 1950s.

- B2 1416: Former AB2 single-truck carriage with all 2nd class seating, representing the final state of the cars shortly before retirement, with the original 1st Class section de-classified to 2nd class.

- B2 2081 and 2083: Two of the short, all 3rd class coaches, No. 2081 in green and cream livery with original edged windows including brass bars, and No. 2083 in green livery with modernized windows.

- B2 2086: Single truck carriage, all 3rd class, based on cars already converted by Bernina Bahn from BC to C in 1936.

- D2 4048: One of two baggage cars as inherited from Bernina Bahn and kept in service across Bernina Pass by Rh.B.

NEW 04/02/2012
There is a update available for the shapes of this model always apply this update as last.

Author: Sjoerd Lafeber And Lukas Lusser
Size: 10.1 MB