RhB TrainSim


All the rolling stock you're looking for.

All downloads on this website are mainly for MSTS or Open Rails.

A small summery:
- Almost all RhB Rolling Stock.
- The Bernina Bahn route (freeware).
- Some Dutch Rolling stock as the (V)IRM, GTW (Arriva and Veolia) and the NS Plan U.

All downloads are brought to you by an enthusiastic team:
- Carlo Santucci: Bernina Bahn Route, sounds, cabviews and ENG/WAG files.
- Lukas Lusser: Skins, ENG/WAG files and sounds.
- Max Calvi: Bernina Bahn Route (Relief, 3d rails and overhead wire system), 3d models.
- Maarten Pontier: repaints of the mainline trains.
- Julian Taylor: Hosting this website and downloads
- Myself (Sjoerd Lafeber): 3d models of trains, cabviews, 3d buildings, 3d for the Bernina Bahn route.
- All those who help with smaller projects, 3d work, photos, testing, feedback and support.


16-08-2021Two new steam engines by Fritz Linke and Michael Barthels, the RhB G 3/4 and the RhB G 4/5.
01-04-2020Bernina Bahn route update, it's no joke, Carlo provided me with a new update to download for the Bernina Bahn route.
30-03-2020After quiet a while the website is back on a new (but old) host. Thanks Julian for still hosting my files and now the website too.