RhB for MSTS


Freighcar: Boxcars

This set contains:
Dual truck boxcar:
•  RhB Gak-v 5402. RhB emblem, weathered

Single truck boxcars:
•  RhB Gb 5002. RhB emblem, weathered, light tone of color
•  RhB Gb 5017. old logo, weathered
•  RhB Gb 5054. old logo, weathered
•  RhB Gb-k 5503. RhB emblem, freshly painted, dark brown color
•  RhB Gb-k 5538. RhB emblem, weathered
•  RhB Gb-k 5603. RhB lettering, clean, promotional Milka chocolate / Bob WM 97

Author: Sjoerd Lafeber and Lukas Lusser.
Size: 8.52 MB