RhB for MSTS


Movies and backgrounds

Promotion movie for the RhB Allegra first release

Promotion movie by Carlo for the RhB Allegra mainlines. Also a nice view at the UNESCO route of the RhB.
part 1

part 2

Bernina Express 961 rangiert in St. Moritz im Sommer 2010

Movie about the Bernina route

Movie about the RhB Gem

Leaving Tirano


Update the Ge 4/4 III

Old (version 1)

Newest (version 4 released)

It was my very first model a very long time ago, since then I worked it up in TSM to version 3 with the transparant windows and cabin. After that I started working in Gmax and Gmax works lots better than TSM.
Now I manage to import the TSM model in Gmax and I wanted to upgrade the model a long time. The work is now started.

The first impression of the new model. With a skin from Micheal.