RhB for MSTS


1910s BC and C Cars

The set contains a total of six passenger and two baggage cars, representing the livery worn by the type in the timeframe from 1908 until ca. 1920:
- BC104 & BC106: Two individually numbered single-truck carriages offering 2nd & 3rd Class seating.
- C112 & C114: Two individually numbered single truck carriages offering 2nd class seating only, and ca. 1/6 shorter than the above BC cars.

- C115: Single truck carriage offering 3rd class seating, converted from BC107 and thus featuring the longer body of these cars.

- C151: One of two high-capacity 3rd class carriages added to the roster in 1910, mainly intended to run in the early-days Bernina Express trains.

- F191: Baggage car with its original, short body. As the cars quickly showed to be too small, they were converted after only 6 years of service, receiving a new car body and a stretched undercarriage.

- F192: Baggage car with larger & longer car body, modelling the appearance of these cars after their conversion in 1914.

NEW 04/02/2012
There is a update available for the shapes of this model always apply this update as last.

Author: Sjoerd Lafeber And Lukas Lusser
Size: 9.1 MB