RhB for MSTS


Stadler GTW 2/6 and 2/8 v2.1

The set contain 8 different versions of the GTW
- GTW 2/6 Arriva Diesel
- GTW 2/8 Arriva Diesel
- GTW 2/6 Arriva Electric
- GTW 2/8 Arriva Electric
- GTW 2/6 Veolia Diesel
- GTW 2/8 Veolia Diesel
- GTW 2/6 Veolia Electric
- GTW 2/8 Veolia Electric

The model contain:
- Sounds
- Cabview
- Passview

YOU NEED MSTSBIN (at least version 1.6.102213) TO RUN THIS MODEL.
Without MSTSBIN you will get ERRORS

Author: Sjoerd Lafeber, David Brosner, Swier Garst and Carlo Santucci.

GTW vroege vogel actie

The set contain a reskin of the "Vroege vogel actie" GTW from Arriva

Author: Bruno Batenburg.