RhB for MSTS


Freighcar: Open Plank Cars

This package contains two types of open plank cars: the classic high plank car with wooden sides, and the low plank car with aluminium sides, both of them in single-truck layout.

High plank cars:
•  RhB E 6604. Old RhB logo, empty, red/brown tone
•  RhB E 6608. Old RhB logo, gravel load, dark brown tone
•  RhB E 6613. RhB emblem, load covered by tarp, red/brown
•  RhB E 6621. RhB emblem, gravel load, red/brown
•  RhB E 6632. RhB emblem, gravel load, dark brown
•  RhB E 6635. Old RhB logo, gravel load, red/brown

Low plank cars:
•  RhB Kk-w 7310. Old RhB logo, weathered, Surava sticker
•  RhB Kk-w 7340. Old RhB logo, weathered, reversed

Author: Sjoerd Lafeber and Lukas Lusser
Size: 10.5 MB