RhB for MSTS


ABe 4/4 III

Version 5.0

The set contain 14 different versions of the RhB ABe 4/4 III
- No. 51, Poschiavo
- No. 51, Poschiavo UNESCO paint
- No. 52, Brusio
- No. 53, Tirano
- No. 54, Hakone
- No. 55, Diavolezza
- No. 56, Corviglia
- And for all versions one MU model, for use as second car in doubletraction.
- Cabview

- You need the RhB Bernina sound pack too
- The set require MSTSbin (at least version 1.7.0519) to work correctly. You can download MSTSbin over here: http://mstsbin.uktrainsim.com/

NEW 04/02/2012
There is a update available for the shapes of this model always apply this update as last.

Author: Sjoerd Lafeber, Lukas Lusser, Carlo Santucci and Max Calvi.
Size: 13.4 MB